180 Degrees Consulting Sofia and Brightive are proud to host the first-ever Management Consulting Hackathon in Bulgaria. The two-day competition will be held in a hybrid format combining "live" in-person event complying with all formal COVID-19 safety measures with "virtual" online components.

We are excited to offer you the unique opportunity to solve actual complex strategy and operations cases for Bulgarian non-profits and social enterprises as well as for the Hackathon’s co-organiser and a top-tier Bulgarian consulting company, Brightive.

Apply by 13 September 2020 to get the chance to gain invaluable training and hands-on experience in management consulting. Challenge yourself to meet and work together with other talented young people like you to make tangible business and social impact for Bulgaria. Moreover, you can win great prizes kindly provided by our sponsors and get the opportunity for an accelerated application procedure at Brightive.


About the Hackathon

The Management Consulting Hackathon is a competition for senior students (at least 3rd year of studies) and recent graduates, where they work in teams of four to come up with solutions to real business cases for real clients. The solutions are then presented to a jury panel of industry experts who evaluate them based on objective criteria and select the prize winners.

Few days before the competition all participants will receive preparation materials so that they are well equipped for the Hackathon. The Hackathon will be kicked off with an induction session, where the participants will be introduced to their teams, the respective case study their team will have to solve, as well as some hints and tricks as to how to approach and crack the case. Over the course of the weekend, there will be a variety of workshops and mentors to guide the teams, as they develop their solutions for the final judging round on Sunday afternoon.

About the Hackathon
  • What will be the event format and will it be safe for the health of all participants?

    The competition will be held in a hybrid format combining a "live" in-person event with a virtual online component. This means that when applying participants will be given the choice of whether they want to be physically present at the event venue or prefer to work remotely throughout the event. In case of online attendance participants will be provided with the necessary equipment and support to efficiently
    work with their team on the business case.

    In turn, the in-person event at NETWORKING Premium will take place with consideration of all COVID-19 prevention measures ensuring
    the health and safety of all participants, organizers, lecturers and jury. There will be no more than 30 people together in the big event hall
    at any point in time to guarantee 1.5 meter distance between participants. Similarly, disinfectants and masks will be also provided.

    In case the epidemic situation in Bulgaria deteriorates in the period before the event, the organizing team has the readiness to promptly
    react and increase the digital element of the Hackathon allowing all participants to join online if needed.

  • Who can participate at the Hackathon?

    Eligible to apply are rather senior students in their 3rd or 4th year of studies as well as recent graduates from both Bulgarian and foreign

    Students from all disciplines can apply but they need to have a specific interest and at least basic prior knowledge in economics, business, finance and/or management consulting.

    Also, you do not need to be based in Sofia to apply for the Hackathon. Students from other Bulgarian cities or other countries can also
    participate, as long as they can be in Sofia for the weekend of 26th and 27th of September when the event will take place. We will provide
    accommodation in Sofia during the competition for those participants.

  • What exactly will be the business cases at the Hackathon?

    Potential case study topics include:
    - Market Research and Analysis
    - Development of a Marketing Strategy
    - Development of a Recruitment Strategy
    - Creation of a Business Plan for a non-profit
    - Development of a Fundraising Strategy for a non-profit
    - Economic assessment of social impact generated by a non-profit (e.g. sROI)

  • Do I need to know English to participate?

    Yes, very good command of the English language is a must for all participants, as all business cases they will need to solve as well as their solution presentations to the jury panel at the end will be entirely in English.

  • Do I need to be Bulgarian or speak Bulgarian to participate?

    No, students and recent graduates from all nationalities are invited to apply, as the competition will be held in English.

  • Is there any participation fee?

    No, participation at the Hackathon is absolutely for free. The only condition is to apply through our application form by filling it out and
    uploading your CV and application case solution to the form before submission.

  • Do I need to have prior experience in management consulting to participate?

    Prior consulting knowledge is not necessary. However, applicants are required to have interest and at least basic knowledge in economics, business, finance and/or management consulting. We would encourage anyone willing to attend the Hackathon to get themselves familiar with the basic concepts and tools in business analysis, project management, corporate strategy analysis and business planning. We will be
    also providing resources and guidelines before and on the day of the Hackathon to make sure students of all skillsets and experience levels are catered for.

  • Do I need to have IT technical skills to participate, as the competition is called Hackathon?

    Not necessarily. The Hackathon is focused mostly on strategy rather than product. If you have technical or specific software (e.g. PowerBI) skills and would like to use them to create a prototype, then this can only be of your advantage. However, technical and/or IT skills are not a prerequisite for participating.

  • Can I apply with a team or there are only individual applications?

    You are to apply individually, as we do not accept team applications. However, there is a dedicated question in the application form where you can specify whether you want or not to be in a team with people you already know and who are also applying. If you want to be in a
    specific team, then you can list the names of the people you want to work together with in the free-text field of the following question.
    This will be taken into consideration by us when we assess the applications and allocate the selected participants into teams.

  • Where will the Hackathon be held?

    The Hackathon will be kindly hosted by NETWORKING Premium Coworking Space located in G. S. Rakovski Str. 25, Sofia.

  • Will there be food or anything covered during the event?

    Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided on both days during the event. There will also be a cocktail party in the open-air rooftop bar of
    NETWORKING Premium at the end of the competition with consideration of all COVID-19 safety measures.

  • I still have other questions. Who can I address them to?

    If you have any other questions, you can ask us by sending us an email to and we will respond to you in due time.

About 180 DC Sofia

180 Degrees Consulting Sofia is the Bulgarian branch of the world's largest student-driven consultancy. On a global level, 180 Degrees Consulting is operating in over 100 branches across 35 countries. Its mission is to connect the untapped capabilities of university students with unmet needs of socially conscious organisations.

180 DC Sofia was founded in April 2017 by several enthusiastic Bulgarian students with international background who wanted to make a positive social impact for Bulgaria. We help socially conscious organizations in Bulgaria find innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to all kind of operational challenges they are facing. Since being established, 180 DC Sofia has trained over 60 young consultants and has completed consulting projects for 15 major non-profits and social enterprises.

About 180 DC Sofia

About Brightive

Brightive (formerly EHS Consulting) is a management consulting company delivering tailored and high value project management and business analysis services.

Based on our rich experience with working on major private and public-sector programmes, Brightive has built industry leading expertise in facilitating the digitisation of government institutions across Europe. Moreover, we have the capability to deploy our services via our unparalleled Professional Service Centre in Sofia. It has been operating in the capital of Bulgaria since 2013, doubling in size every year. The Brightive team is fully committed to building on what has already been achieved and developing a successful business in Bulgaria that is recognised as a leading management consulting model across Europe.

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Networking Premium is an elegant coworking space with 4 locations in Sofia developing into a high performance environment where entrepreneurship and innovation thrive. Networking Premium is currently the highest-ranked in Google and and nominated for the best coworking space for 2019.


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